The training course at GIP develops trainee’s fundamental knowledge to create and evaluate fragrances by linking tradition and modern techniques through the following steps:

  • Know the raw materials and how to use them correctly, in particular, natural materials for which Grasse has long been renowned for.

  • Learn the language of perfumery and to know how to classify and recognise the major fragrance groups

  • Discover and know how to create accords, the essence of the art of composition.

  • Train in the subtle art of blending.

Other disciplines fundamental to the creative perfumers and evaluators job are also covered. Included in the curriculum are : international regulations of fragrances and cosmetic products, analysis techniques (gas chromatography and mass spectrometry) and toiletries applications (shampoos, shower gels, creams, etc).


The course lasts for 18 months, from January to December in centre followed by 6 months of internship after the school period.

The internship can take place anywhere in the world, in the fragrance industry.

There are 972 hours of training in English, of which 324 are given by accredited creative perfumers or technical experts.

The remaining 648 hours are spent doing supervised practical work and visiting factories, laboratories and growers (jasmine, roses, lavender, mimosas, etc).

The course issues a certificate of “International technical degree in fragrance creation and sensory evaluation” to people who successfully complete the exam.

It costs 12 900 euros. There are 12 places in this course for students chosen for their creativity and olfactory talent (the selection process last from 1 January to 31 July).

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1 / Application

The first step is to send us by email and written in English:

  • A detailed curriculum
  • A letter of motivation (min. 2 pages)

Be careful, only applications received between January 1st and July 31th of the current year will be taken into account for the course of the following year.

After receipt of your application by the admissions service, your application is assessed in order to ensure that your profile matches the requested program and, if necessary, there is not a more suitable program.

At this stage, it takes about 4 weeks to receive a response by email.
2 / Assessment

If your application is eligible, you will receive a folder to complete and return to us. Upon receipt, we will propose dates to attend a half-day of admission and interview tests.

These tests may be conducted in your choice:

  • in Grasse (France)
  • in Mumbai (India)
  • in Shanghai (China)
  • in San Paulo (Brazil)

The assessment includes:

  • a test of calculation and logic (1 hour)
  • a test of creativity (1 hour), around a fragrance
  • 2 tests of olfactory recognition, 2 sets of 10 raw materials
  • An interview with a perfumer and/or members of the teaching team.
  • In the case where the test takes place out of Grasse, an additional interview by skype with the members of the teaching team.

3 / Decision

After assessing your tests and the interview, you will receive a definite answer as to your eligibility at the beginning of October.

16 candidates will be thus selected including 4 places in waitlist.