Fragrances Summer School


The sessions proceed in June, July, in August or in September. Each session lasts 2 weeks, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, lunch included.

Booking for these sessions will be opened in 2018, January 4th.


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These courses are designed for non-professional persons who are passionate about fragrances.

We welcome you to our establishment situated in a Provençal style house, built in the early 20th Century. You will find an ambiance which is both warm and professional. You will have at your disposal a large classroom including an application laboratory (perfumer’s organ) and a collection of more than 500 raw materials. Our lecturers are all confirmed perfumers from the prestigious companies such as Firmenich, IFF, Mane, Robertet…

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First week
Discovery of raw materials and accords

  • The history of perfumery.
  • The chemistry of perfume :
    Some basic chemical knowledge to provide a better understanding of the structure of molecules possessing a sensory power.
    The volatility and solubility of sensory molecules.
  • The vocabulary of perfume :
    Olfactory concepts. Technical vocabulary.
  • An apprenticeship in raw materials and olfaction:
    Natural and synthetic raw materials.
  • An apprenticeship in creating simple accords :
    Jasmine, rose, carnation…
  • Visit to growers:
    Jasmine, lavender, tuberose…

Second week
Genealogy and fragrance creation

  • More synthetic and natural raw materials.
  • Genealogy of perfumes :
    Feminine and Masculine fragrances.
  • Olfactive evaluation of famous perfumes.
  • Deeper understanding of how to create accords.
  • Creation and fragrance composition.
  • Visits to factories and laboratories.



June 18 to 29, 2018, July 16 to 27, 2018, July 30 to August 10, 2018, August 20 to 31, 2018, September 17 to 28, 2018