The evaluator is the perfumer’s “Advisor”. The evaluator accompanies creators on each step of their project: from understanding the client’s brief to the final creation. The evaluator guides creators into giving their absolute best to each and every new project. From morning to evening, s/he evaluates, feels, and submits new ideas: this is their daily life.

Family Business: Creation and Development
Other(s)name(s) standard(s): –

Evaluation. Chemistry. Database management. Finished products. Marketing. Formulation. Regulation. Knowledge of raw materials and market products.

Olfactory sense. Rigor. Creativity. Organizational skills. Responsiveness. Strong relational qualities. High capacity for adaptation and anticipation.

Grasse Institute of Perfumery. Professional License and Masters (ISIPCA, Montpellier, Le Havre).


  • Manage the collections (parfumotheques) and accumulate knowledge of raw materials, ingredients, olfactory families specific to odor, much like archiving a true olfactory bookstore.
  • To be the intermediary between creation and marketing by managing projects and client briefs.
  • Understand the brand’s portfolio (heritage, values, products, etc) and all cosmetic and perfume markets at an international and national level.
  • Assist the perfumers in their creative work.
  • Understand the client’s brief and translate it to the perfumer : decrypting client expectations and reinterpreting them to be the most relevant.
  • Aid in improving products while still respecting standards.
  • Evaluate new creations and products already on the market by smelling and describing the products.
  • Organize sensory evaluation testing of consumer products.
  • Analyze trends, know the latest trends of consumption, not only in fragrance but others as well.
  • Be curious.
  • Collaborate with marketing teams.
  • Determine selection criteria for new products: production (steady and reliable), olfactory or gustatory interest, non-toxicity of the material, etc.
  • Present the product submissions, meet customers and take into account comments and transmit them to the creators in order to guide their work.
  • Teach olfaction techniques and provide advice on the use and consumption of products by training customers and introducing them to various studies, markets products, trends, etc.