S/He composes fragrance formulas for all types of perfumery products: home care, cosmetics, shower gels, body lotions, etc. S/he operates in accordance to manufacturing standards (toxicity, tolerance, etc.) whilst keeping in mind consumer’s expectations. S/he also performs chemical and sensory analysis of the fragrances.

Family Business: Creation and Development
Other(s)name(s) standard(s): Fragrance creator, nose, fragrance formulator

Chemistry. Regulation. Commercial. Marketing. Computer science. Art and creativity. Quality assurance. Manufacturing practices. Production management. English.

… Memory, but also a creative spirit and a knowledge of the latest trends.

Grasse Institute of Perfumery. Fragrance Master (ISIPCA, Montpellier).


  • Create fragrance compositions by working with his imagination and sensitivity.
  • Know, remember and be able to identify natural or chemical raw materials and olfactory families and use this knowledge to combine the materials to create different products.
  • Manage formulas with the help of evaluators- inventing new fragrances or improving old ones taking into account budgetary constraints.
  • Sensory evaluate a product and analyze different fragrances
  • Guarantee the safety and quality of the product while also giving the appearance, texture and smell requested by the client’s brief.
  • Check the conformity of products taking into account both the technical features (those of support for example: gel, spray, cream,etc.) as well as regulatory constraints.
  • Know perfume market trends including other markets like fashion.
  • Adapt fragrances to local tastes.
  • Discover new products.
  • Participate in proactive projects.
  • Present his creations to clients and meet with them making changes according to their feedback.
  • Define the product’s final composition (formulation and sensory profile) and establish its specifications for production.
  • Follow the product from production to shelf, even consulting at the manufacturing stage: analysis of products, tests, studies, research, manufacturing, products adaptation.