Perfumer Assistant

As requested by the “nose” the perfumer’s assistant carefully measures the mixtures. Each raw material used is vigilantly checked for quality and dosage. S/he creates the mixtures that are used for tests conducted by technicians. In addition, s/he checks the consistency of the sheet formulation or production order.

Family Business: Creation and Development
Other(s)name(s) standard(s): Chemist assistant, preparatory assistant.

Chemistry. Evaluation. Database management. Formulation. Regulation. Knowledge of raw materials.

Rigor. Creativity. Organization and reactivity. Olfactory sense.

Professional licenses in science and technology specialty industries of perfumery, cosmetics.DUT, BTS or a degree in chemistry, biochemistry. Diploma(s) in perfume preparation and cosmetic and aromatic food.


  • Manage the collection of raw materials by ensuring good storage conditions and maintaining stock and freshness of each material in the collection.
  • Verify the aspect and the smell of raw materials and, if in doubt, alert the perfumer.
  • Receive shipments of raw materials and check their individual olfactory quality.
  • Weighing the perfumer’s formulas, informing the perfumer of any observations or difficulties.
  • Keep a copy of the weighed quantities.
  • Ensure reformulation by removing raw materials no longer able to be used.
  • Prepare samples for customers using good preparation protocols.
  • Create a compositions library.
  • Manage the perfumer collection (standard, hearts, etc.) and maintain it in accordance to the perfumer’s needs.
  • Be in contact with other departments, in particular, the applications laboratory in order to obtain the non-perfumed base necessary for the perfumer’s development work.
  • Perform analysis: flash point, density, refraction index and stability controls: pH, viscosity, color.