Raw Materials Sourcer

S/He explores new markets, searching for supply sources from domestic and international suppliers as well as local producers. S/He ensures a sustainable and equitable approach to sourcing by negotiating the best conditions for purchasing new materials.

Family Business: Innovation – Research and Development
Other(s)name(s) standard(s): Responsible for raw materials Sourcing

Knowledge of the raw materials market. Chemistry. Purchasing. Negotiation skills. Fluent English.

Scientific spirit. A good sense of negotiation and communication. Mobility.

Chemist with flavourist specialization, perfumer type ISIPCA, Engineer, Master from Institute of Technology.


  • Maintain quality control of raw materials.
  • Detect innovative raw materials.
  • Identify and evaluate best supply sources.
  • Understand the history of products, the sector, local customs, and the economic cycles of the country.
  • Analyze the potential of raw materials.
  • Determine selection criteria: production (steady and reliable), olfactory or gustatory interest, non-toxicity of the material, etc.
  • Reference new suppliers.
  • Get in touch with local suppliers.
  • Negotiate purchasing conditions.
  • Develop partnerships while taking into consideration sustainable development, environmental impact, societal and economical consequences and benefits for local producers.
  • Oversee and secure the raw materials.
  • Ensure that the raw materials are grown, picked and processed in the best conditions.
  • Verify compliance with the specifications established with producer loads.
  • Develop and follow the collections in terms of quality, margins, price, order, delays in deliveries, reminders, and disputes.
  • Be the intermediary between creation and development (perfumers, flavourists, and the formulation laboratory)
  • Optimize the materials portfolio integrated into the compositions.