He composes fragrance formulas for all types of perfumery products: home care, cosmetics, shower gels, body lotions, etc. S/he operates in accordance to manufacturing standards (toxicity, tolerance, etc.) whilst keeping in mind consumer’s expectations. S/he also performs chemical and sensory analysis of the fragrances.


The evaluator is the perfumer’s “Advisor”. The evaluator accompanies creators on each step of their project: from understanding the client’s brief to the final creation. The evaluator guides creators into giving their absolute best to each and every new project. From morning to evening, s/he evaluates, feels, and submits new ideas: this is their daily life.

Perfumer Assistant

As requested by the “nose” the perfumer’s assistant carefully measures the mixtures. Each raw material used is vigilantly checked for quality and dosage. S/he creates the mixtures that are used for tests conducted by technicians. In addition, s/he checks the consistency of the sheet formulation or production order.

Laboratory Assistant

S/he prepares, cleans, and tidies apparatus as well as building them in the creation and development laboratory. Additionally, they analyze and measure the raw materials under the instruction of the technician.

Raw Material Sourcer

S/He explores new markets, searching for supply sources from domestic and international suppliers as well as local producers. S/He ensures a sustainable and equitable approach to sourcing by negotiating the best conditions for purchasing new materials.