Becoming a Sponsor

Annual sponsor

Each year we have a sponsor who will be a support for our students by giving advice and their project for closing the year of studies at the GIP. It’s a real part of sharing knowledge, experience and the passion of perfumery, food  flavoring and cosmetic. The sponsor is a company which is a company envolved in perfumery, cosmetic, food flavors.

Material donation

You can become a part of our history by giving some laboratory or school materials.

To hire an intern

We propose to our students for improving their experience to do an internship. We are really interested to propose them new companies which will be a part of their professionnal experience.


Open the doors of your company for one day to share your expertise to our students.


Input your knowledge during a class

Join our students during their courses to present your profession and answer their questions.

If you are interested about one of these points, please contact :