Perfumery School in Grasse

Neophyte, passionate, amateur or professional, we offer you an initiatory journey to the heart of the French perfume industry.

International Technical Degree in Fragrance Creation and Sensory Evaluation – 18 months

This training course develops trainee’s fundamental knowledge to create and evaluate fragrances by linking traditional and modern techniques. Limited to 12 students.

Short sessions

We propose specifics courses by levels which can fit with each expectation for both professionals and enthusiasts.


Classes designed for those who want to discover the amazing world of perfumery. Different topics are proposed: fragrances, natural extracts, cosmetics, taste and smell…


Classes proposed for those who achieved a beginner level. This is important for us to follow your evolution in our school. You will be able to improve your knowledge and skills in the topic previously viewed and work to push yourself to a higher level of fragrance creation or special applications (ie soaps, candles…).


Classes intended for those who completed previous levels. You will find a more technical course and start on complex creations and applications.

Private courses

For companies: attentive to professionals and future professionals we offer specific trainings tailored to your needs.  

Individual or in group: personalized course for any people interested in the fragrance, flavor or cosmetic world.

Find us in the world

Find us in the World

Experience, expertise, quality and passion give us an opportunity to create an international perfumery community. We have the pleasure to highlight this french know-how through our representatives across the world.


Johan Sulmoni,
Class 2018, Switzerland

I always felt like there was something creative that I wanted to express, and perfumery was really linked to that […] The school bring me a lot of knowledge and also gave me a concrete vision on how to blend a perfume […] I have an amazing memory during the field trip in Morocco with the GIP, where we walked in a giant cedar wood forest. And I remember huging a 600 yeard-old cedar wood tree. […]