By: Communication | 16 Jan 2019

Class 2018 sponsored by TAKASAGO

(Bostaneh AMIRI, Shalin SHAH, Marzia TISSINO, Si Eun LEE, Sanskruti SATAM, Loleh LEAL E COSTA, Juila LACOSTE, Johan SULMONI, Natalia CONTATTO DA CUNHA, Adeline CHARMOILLE, Karen Seiko MATSUDA)

December 18, 2018 : the graduation ceremony of the class 2018 sponsored by TAKASAGO.

To close their study, each year, our students have to create a composition in a special topic chosen by the sponsor. This class had to create a fragrance in the topic: Gourmand Crush (inspired by Takasago), trendy but hard topic, a real challenge for our students.

All of the students have given their best and all projects were really interesting but the jury had to choose only one project. Congratulations for the perfume “Chai Express” created by Bostaneh Amiri and Shalin Shah. According to the jury, they created the fragrance which correspond as best as possible to the brief. Thank you to each student for their motivation during the whole year!

Thank you to the team of TAKASAGO, for their support during this year.

Thank you to the members of the jury:

.Nathalie Helloin Kamel, SVP Global Fine Fragrance Division
.Sylvain Eyraud, Global Marketing & Communication Director
.Pierre Bongert, Fine Fragrance Evaluation Manager

And the TAKASAGO members who were present at the ceremony : : Aurélie Rambour – Anne-sophie Charreau – Sylvain Heyraud  – Bertille Ferrand – Nathalie Helloin Kamel.