By: Communication | 7 May 2019

This year we had the pleasure to launch our first class: Soaps and candles (intermediate level). This is classes is designed for one who followed a beginner level.

In one week, our visitors discover the process of 2 products:

Soaps : study of the chemical reaction, understanding the impact of the raw materials, improving the yield and quality of the soaps, cold and hot processes.

Candles : study of the different kind of raw material, plant origin and paraffin origin, their impact on the quality, how to do a proper blend and pouring, short insight on regulation.

It was the perfect period for discover Orange Blossom too!

Thank you to Mr Falcou for your Neroli Blossoms place, which was an incredible experience for our visitors. And also thank you to Jean Bouis for opening your doors and welcome them to a soap application.

Few pictures of the session: