S/he prepares, cleans, and tidies apparatus as well as building them in the creation and development laboratory. Additionally, they analyze and measure the raw materials under the instruction of the technician.

Family Business: Research and development
Other(s)name(s) standard(s):


  • Maintain quality control of raw materials.

  • Perform analyses, tests and testing, sampling or labeling following procedure.

  • Follow instructions and well-defined protocols.

  • Plan different steps: preparing equipment, devices, and the samples needed to be tested, etc.

  • Identify characteristic elements.

  • Monitor the reaction or the evolution of the preparation process, for instance, extracting a substance using the right method: distillation, centrifugation, filtration, etc.

  • Monitor experiences, ensuring the best conditions of safety.

  • Measure and save various settings.

  • Monitor analyses and tests.

  • Complete any follow-up documents.

  • Convert saved data into graphic representations.

  • Calculate statistics.

  • Report conducted experiments.

  • Present results according to specific standards.

  • Maintain the laboratory, cleaning and disinfecting instruments as well as the working place.

  • Uphold safety and environmental protection standards by properly disposing of toxic waste.

  • Ensure functionality of equipment.

Chemical analysis. Chemistry. Microbiology. Good laboratory practice (GLP). Equipment and laboratory equipment. Business software.
Organization. Accuracy. Rigor
Bachelor in science and Lab Technology