As requested by the “nose” the perfumer’s assistant carefully measures the mixtures. Each raw material used is vigilantly checked for quality and dosage. S/he creates the mixtures that are used for tests conducted by technicians. In addition, s/he checks the consistency of the sheet formulation or production order.

Family Business: Creation and Development
Other(s)name(s) standard(s): Chemist assistant, preparatory assistant.


  • Manage the collection of raw materials by ensuring good storage conditions and maintaining stock and freshness of each material in the collection.

  • Verify the aspect and the smell of raw materials and, if in doubt, alert the perfumer.
  • Receive shipments of raw materials and check their individual olfactory quality.

  • Weighing the perfumer’s formulas, informing the perfumer of any observations or difficulties.
  • Keep a copy of the weighed quantities.
  • Ensure reformulation by removing raw materials no longer able to be used.
  • Prepare samples for customers using good preparation protocols.
  • Create a compositions library.
  • Manage the perfumer collection (standard, hearts, etc.) and maintain it in accordance to the perfumer’s needs.

  • Be in contact with other departments, in particular, the applications laboratory in order to obtain the non-perfumed base necessary for the perfumer’s development work.

  • Perform analysis: flash point, density, refraction index and stability controls: pH, viscosity, color.

Chemistry. Evaluation. Database management. Formulation. Regulation. Knowledge of raw materials.
Rigor. Creativity. Organization and reactivity. Olfactory sense.
Professional licenses in science and technology specialty industries of perfumery, cosmetics.DUT, BTS or a degree in chemistry, biochemistry. Diploma(s) in perfume preparation and cosmetic and aromatic food.