Natural Fragrances and Cosmetics – Level 1

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The sessions proceed either in May (Rose season) or in September (Jasmine season). Each session lasts 2 weeks, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, lunch included.

The working language is English. The number of participants is limited to 10.

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Theorical foundation:

Natural fragrances

  • Discovers of the raw materials (history, culture, harvest, cost..).
  • Methods of extraction (distillation, solvents extraction, infusion…).
  • Study of standard accords (aromatic & flowered Cologne*, soliflore rose and jasmine *, Cyprus, fern).* accords given as an example, and may be modified

Natural fragrances applications & cosmetics

  • Application of essential oils for beauty and well-being
  • From the fine fragrance to cosmetic application: how to adapt the fragrance to the support ?
  • For each product type, formulation development, manufacturing considerations, and stability testing will be discussed.
  • From classical to natural and organic cosmetic. New concepts and formulation review.

Practical work:

Natural fragrances

  • olfaction.
  • Natural perfume formulation

Natural fragrances applications & cosmetics

  • specific formulation for different supports. Soap, shower gel, shampoo, body milk, body oil…

Please note the program may vary slightly depending on weather conditions and the expectations of the students

Extra activities: 
  • Visit to growers and extraction plants (Centifolia rose in May, Grasse jasmine in September). (according to the season and the weather)…

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Elizabeth Proal – First week

Carole André – Second week

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May 13 to 24, 2024, September 09 to 20, 2024