Final Project – 2019

By: Communication | 22 Nov 2019

The 18th class of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery has been tackling the current issues facing the natural raw materials by the sponsor: SYMRISE. A complex subject but also deeply interesting for the future perfumer / evaluator generation. They have had to utilise all of their knowledge and skills acquired during the intensive year at the school. The technical aspect is important but the students have to let their creativity be a part of the composition to mix both: originality and technique. These young perfumers will be able to show their first creation during the closing ceremony, in front of the Symrise’s jury.

Symrise has chosen this topic for an interesting reason: “we decided to give this topic to prepare the students for the current issues in the natural supply chain and its availability in the long term. Nowadays, the subject of naturals is important for consumers and our clients too, who put it as an important condition of their compositions. On this project, Symrise’s requirements are for the focus to be on the information selection and the capacity of students’ to find a solution for each supply chain in danger. The jury is waiting to find a perfume composed of a vulnerable raw material which has been created with all the technical creativity of students as well as the entire knowledge that the school taught them during the year.
The composition will be judged by 4 Symrise representatives:
• Béatrice Favre-Bulle, SVP Perfumery
Excellence & Sustainability
in charge of The Symrise Perfumery
• Suzy Le Helley, Perfumer GFIM
• Solene Homo, Project Manager
Perfumery Excellence & Sustainability
• Maurice ROUCEL, Senior Perfumer
The project has been organised in 4 parts aiming to deepen students’ knowledge concerning 6 vulnerable natural raw materials:
Saint Thomas Bay, Ylang Ylang, Galbanum, Styrax, Sandalwood and Peru Balsam.
You can find the complete presentation of the final project in our press space:
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