Interview Dana El Masri – alumnus of the class 2010 sponsored by Expressions Parfumées

By: Communication | 11 May 2020
Presentation & career:
“Hi! I’m Dana El Masri 

Class of 2010, Sponsored by Expressions Parfumées.
I currently have my own perfume brand, Jazmin Saraï and I work as a perfumer and consultant for other private label brands & projects, I just celebrated six years in business. I also create as an interdisciplinary artist, by introducing olfactory, multi-sensory installations and performances to the public. In the last ten years, I have been lucky to work with various brands across North America, from tech companies to fashion labels to chefs.”
Would like to share your current projects??
“I have released a perfume inspired by an Egyptian oasis, called Fayoum. I recently finished my third round as an Artisan judge for the Art and Olfaction Awards in Los Angeles.

There are two more private label projects in the works as well as various olfactory installation ideas in the mix. I am also working diligently with various members of the fragrance industry to provide accessible scent education to those seeking it.”
How do you imagine your career in 5 years?
“I see myself hopefully creating unique scent experiences all over the world. I hope to delve more into education and public awareness of scent. I would like my business to be more stable in five years, with access to more people and more doors worldwide.

I’d also love to bring attention to unique perspectives in perfumery, shifting from one of a euro-centric lens to a global one.”
Concerning the GIP, why did you want to be a part of this adventure? Could you explain the impact of the GIP on your both professional and personal life? 

The thought of making my dream come true, learning to become a perfumer was too good to pass up! Finding the institute was meant to be and I took the leap. Once I got accepted, there was no turning back, my experience in Grasse changed my life. 

GIP gave me the very necessary tools to become a perfumer. Without the education I received, I would not have been half as knowledgeable or confident in my skills. The well-rounded curriculum ensured that we could get the most of the program and get a whole understanding of our industry. (I wish we could have stayed even longer!)
The experience of living in Grasse, having incredible access to raw materials and one-on-one insight from perfumers and teachers, was irreplaceable. It was one of the most creatively challenging and rewarding years of my life so far.” 
Do you have any advice to the current or future students of the school? 

Stay humble, learn all you can (we never stop learning, especially in our field), keep an open mind, stay true to yourself and learn to work with others! Take in all you can, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you’re going to miss it.

Thank you to all the professors, Isabel and Alain for all that you do.” 
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