Interview Marion Habault – alumnus of the class 2007 sponsored by Mane

By: Communication | 14 May 2020
Presentation & career:
” Marion HABAULT, MANE & sons promo 2007.
From my earliest childhood, I formed my olfactory memory without realizing it. It is true that feeling the elements around me had become a reflex, indeed I brought everything to my nose. One day my best friend naturally says a sentence “but … you feel everything, you should be a perfumer !! ” This sentence remains in my memory, I look into the question of Perfumer’s profession. Having a literary baccalaureate, music option: piano, I move towards the Grasse school. This school inspired the artistic aspect that I was looking for. Indeed, I always had this fiber in me, I practiced 6 years of classical dance, 12 years of piano and practiced painting in private lessons. At the time, a Perfumer was in New Caledonia, Sandrine Videault (she has died since.) I contacted her. She receives me and I followed 6 months of preparation for the competition for the school of G.I.P. My application is accepted, 15 days later, I make the trip New Caledonia – Grasse. To date, I have two olfactory worlds in me, two universes … even if each trip is full of olfactory memories too! Well, speaking of travel to express one of them, last year I went to Tahiti in July in the middle of Heïva. At the exit of the plane, we walk on the tarmac, the smell of kerosene then once arrived inside the airport the scent of Tiare flowers jump to your nose, they welcome you with necklaces, music dances, immediately you have the spirit tone – the “mana” Tahitian! So this famous Tahitian dance competition, it was ex-cep-tional. We were seated in the 2nd row the costumes were garnished with fragrant materials, flowers, seeds, leaves … the dancers moved, they smiled, they were all in sync, the scent came to us OUAW! they use basil flowers which they put on their ears and on their necklace, it made a feeling of lemon verbena .. without counting the rest. In short Tahiti a sensory journey guaranteed !! ahah! After leaving school, I continued my training with Max GAVARRY. I was going back and forth between New Caledonia and France. Learning from teacher to student also brought me a lot.”
Would like to share your current projects??

I launched my own brand of creation of Niche Perfumes: V.I.P. Vivre un Instant Parfumé. I created my range of Eau de Toilette, Eaux de Parfum, Car and interior Perfume diffuser as well as tailor-made service. I also do olfaction workshops and I work in schools, colleges and high schools. I supervise the students who carry out their T.P.E (framed practical work) on the theme of perfume. They are students from section S. I had as a student for two years a Caledonian, passionate about Perfume Coralie Soekir, who entered the entrance exam and who is currently undergoing laboratory training at G.I.P. It was an honor to train a student and have her received. We share the same olfactory associations and we understand each other.”

How do you imagine your career in 5 years?

“I am currently working on the export project. So I see myself opening a shop in Sydney and shining in the Pacific. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Asia then Europe and why not America ?!”

Concerning the GIP, why did you want to be a part of this adventure? Could you explain the impact of the GIP on your both professional and personal life? Do you have any advice to the current or future students of the school?

I discovered a much more exciting universe than I imagined. La Parfumerie is ultra engaging, the desire to discover more and more was beating hard in me and still to this day. I don’t see my life without composition, without weighing, without the olfactory discoveries that surround us. The perception is extra sensory and specific to itself. Creativity is a feeling of feeling, we act without really knowing it, we create compositions, the spirit fuse and bounce. In short, it’s magic! I lived 18 months in Grasse. 18 exceptional months. Indeed, I was the youngest in the class, and the one who came from a furthest place. I reached the level that when I write a formula, I feel the smell in my head .. Coming back to the training, this experience is unique and memorable. To date, I tell myself that I have not savored these moments enough. In reality, I saw nothing pass! It was so exciting !! The visits to factories, rose fields, jasmine, lavender are ingrained in me. The smell of old stones mixed with the perfume that reigns in Grasse is also ingrained in me. What was difficult for me was that all my olfactory memory was based in New Caledonia, all those typical smells of the Pacific, dry forest, sea spray, low tides, drought, flowers of the country, from the seaside and the mountains, blue petroleum Kanak flowers… in short, I admit that it was confusing, the smell of fig trees didn’t speak to me, the smell of magnolia either, for example. ‘Spain … rosemary, … But I discovered them gradually and it is part of this slice of life, I relate these smells to that time. I recommend the training of the G.I.P. the fact that it is for me, from my point of view, a sensory and artistic approach. The student really reveals his creativity and we frame it without formatting it too square. Indeed, a student who comes out of the G.I.P. has its claw, we feel much more emotions and sensory borrowings than a composition of a student who leaves the school of ISIPCA, where the person thinks more about the molecular structure, it is the same when we listen to someone playing music. We see the difference between someone who plays his song in a boat and someone who puts all his emotions in the song. In addition, the specials consist of only 12 students, we are pampered and privileged. The international school aspect is extraordinary. Meeting people around the world who share the same passion and want to learn. I kept in touch with 5 of them. Perfumery is a fairly closed and select world. Unlike gastronomy where we will deliver the recipe for this or that sauce for example. Perfumery is and remains secret :-)”

“Here is an excerpt from my story 🙂 If you have other questions, don’t hesitate.
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