Interview Chikako Nakahori – alumnus of the class 2012 sponsored by ARGEVILLE

By: Communication | 19 May 2020
Presentation & career:
Hello, I am Chikako, I graduated from GIP in 2012. and was sponsored by Argeville.

I used to work for a textile design studio as a textile pattern designer for some time. After that, I joined my family business, which is a Japanese incense company that has been operating since 1935.
After graduating from GIP, I not only joined the family business but also established our own brand @tokyokodo_jp, we pride ourselves in creating fragrance products using natural materials under the overarching concept of coexisting with nature.
I look upon our incense as invisible art.
Would like to share your current projects??
“I have released several collections.-1st collection – A refined incense series that blends the western concoction of fragrances with the traditional Japanese method of incense.-Classic Series – Passing on the tradition of aroma since immemorial and revising Sandalwood & Agrawood with modern sensibilities.

-Arts and Crafts Series – A new approach in collaboration with artists
Also, we have currently collaborated with @10_tokyo and @stylemeetspeople to create home fragrances.
How do you imagine your career in 5 years?
I would like to collaborate with clients all over the world to create unique incense and to share how incense affects our minds.

Some projects have already begun. We are very excited to challenge all of these projects.
Concerning the GIP, why did you want to be a part of this adventure? Could you explain the impact of the GIP on your both professional and personal life?
My journey in GIP was amazing! It’s an asset to me and was invaluable to be able to concentrate on learning about fragrance for a year.

Beautiful raw materials, the history of perfume, living in Grasse and sharing the culture with my friends and so on… All of these things are unforgettable.
Without this experience, my creativity would be very different.
GIP also helped me to find my « IKIGAI » (is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being ».) and now I am doing my dream, and this is thanks to all of the people I met in Grasse.
Do you have any advice to the current or future students of the school?
“Every day is a challenge, and to be honest, sometimes a little fear also came up.
However, I am forever grateful for being able to do such a beautiful job now. And also, I could meet people with the same interests who really wanted to meet up through the fragrance.”
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