Sourcing meeting with Bordas

By: Communication | 23 Jul 2020

Our students were able to follow an online private lecture concerning the “sourcing” with their sponsor Bordas.

Also, thank you to Mr. Jos̩ Luis Ruiz РPurchasing Manager -who hosted the meeting.

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    • Jacky Mafa 4 years ago

      Dear sir/madam
      My name is Jacky Mafa based in South Africa also a budding perfumer , i would also like
      to partake in your on line initiative how does one actually get involved in this great on line courses
      as i am passionate about this industry , and would like one day to design siganture scent for customers.Also sourcing raw material is a hurdle .
      May you assist in this regard with regard to learning material and raw material for scent manufacturing
      Jacky Mafa(Mod Cosmetics)