Final Project – 2020

By: Communication | 1 Mar 2021



Spanish culture will represented through different great personalities who have all had, in their own way, a strong impact on the culture. Students will have to choose a personality from among those proposed.

This subject was an opportunity for out futur perfumers to develop and demonstrate all the knowledge and skills acquired during their intensive year.


Bordas has chosen this topic to “celebrate the importance of cultural heritage. Due to the current health context, it was not possible for the students to make their end-of-year trip to Spain, so it is way to to help the students discovering the culture, artists and well-known Spanish raw materials. Students will be able to identify with the characters chosen, expressing their lives and their universe in a perfume”.

Bordas expects students to be creative and original, but above all to express their personality as an artist…


The composition will be judged by a jury composed of eight representatives from Bordas :

  • Emilio VALEROS : Senior perfumer
  • Ángeles FERNÁNDEZ : Senior perfumer and external consulting
  • Theo TEN PIERIK : Senior perfumer
  • Miguel MATOS : Fragrantica journalist, perfumer and perfume critic
  • Lucía SANZ : Perfumer at Bordas
  • Lucas GRACIA : Perfumer at Bordas
  • Blanca MENCOS : Project manager at Bordas
  • Beatriz CARMONA : Marketing manager at Bordas


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