Taiwan courses : level 1

By: Communication | 24 Nov 2021

As you know, Grasse Institute of Perfumery has launched a joint training series with HOS Fragrance Group, its official representative in Taiwan.

HOS Fragrance Group is a brand founded in 2008 by perfumer Vic Ho, aiming to build Taiwanese high quality fragrances, to share perfumery culture.

Few days ago, first session (level 1) had started in Taipei.
From November 20th/21th to 27/28th some students will learn history of perfume and basic knowledge (level 1) with perfumer Vic Ho.


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  • Sumedh 2 years ago

    Any short courses in mumbai india
    Please let me know
    Want to enroll in short courses

  • alfred 2 years ago

    I am in the Perfume industry, I am keen to tie up with the Grasse Institute of Perfumery with Malaysia’s local University to conduct classes and also issue Endorsement from our local University to students in Malaysia.