Discovering Calabria: a special olfactory journey

By: Communication | 8 Dec 2021

Every year, our GIP class has the opportunity to go on discovery trip during their intensive year of study. It is a way to conclude their incredible year with the Grasse Institute of Perfumery.


For the 2021 class, sponsored by TechnicoFlor, the trip took place in Calabria, a region located in southern Italy. Calabria is considered the birthplace of bergamot oil which is often used in perfumery.

During their trip, the students were welcomed by Capua1880. Capua1880 (the year of its foundation), is considered the world leader in the production of bergamot essential oils (as well as other citrus fruits) from which the most prestigious perfume houses in the world buy their raw materials.

We would like to thank all the people from Capua who allowed our students to discover their bergamot, lemon and orange gardens during the harvest, as well as their factory. They were able to follow the different steps of transformation of the fruit, allowing to obtain the essential oil. Then they had the opportunity to follow an olfactory session, facilitated by the company’s experts.


This trip was an exciting and enriching moment for all.


Find few photos of their travel:

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