Welcome to the class 2022 – Perfumer/Evaluator

By: Elodie | 22 Feb 2022

The Grasse Institute of Perfumery is very happy to welcome the new class of Perfumer / Evaluator sponsored by Sozio.

Who is Sozio? 

« Founded in 1758 in Grasse, Maison Sozio is one of the pioneers in fine French perfumery. The history of the Maison Sozio goes back to one of the very first families of perfumers in Grasse: the Artaud, Cresp-Girard, Giraud and Sozio families. They devoted themselves to the production of raw materials for perfumery and to the creation of perfumes, before concentrating their efforts on the latter in the 20th century. 

With the integration of Synarome in 2021, Sozio is bringing its history back by returning to its initial activity: raw materials. This acquisition enhances Sozio perfumers’ palette of premium ingredients both synthetic and natural and iconic specialties such as Ambrarome and Animalis. With these generations of learning and knowledge, Sozio has become a key player in the perfumery landscape. »


The class 2022 is a total of 12 students of 9 different nationalities. They will learn together to develop their knowledge in the creation and evaluation of fragrances by linking traditional and modern techniques. We wish them a wonderful year in the world capital of perfume: Grasse.

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