By: Communication | 16 Jun 2022

On Tuesday, June 15, we had the pleasure to welcome in our offices representatives of Afalula (French agency working for the economic, tourist and cultural sustainable development of Alula, a region located in the North-West of Saudi Arabia) in the person of Mrs. Elisabeth Dodinet and Mr. Guilhem Constans.

They were accompanied by Mr. Hamad AlHomiedan, who runs the “Madrassat Addera“, a center for creation in arts and crafts and training for adults, and Mr. Alejandro, who is in charge of the artistic part (artistic workshops and artists’ residences).


The “Madrassat Addera” already offers training in arts and crafts. Its directors wish to integrate a “perfumery” program to train future cultural mediators in charge of welcoming tourists who come to visit the oasis of Alula, located on the historical incense route, but also to provide technical skills to local perfumers to enable them to develop new product lines to offer to the many visitors to come.

They were able to discover the many training programs in perfumery, cosmetics and food flavors offered by ASFO Grasse and its international branch, the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, thus opening up wide possibilities for collaboration between Grasse and Alula.

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