Smell & Taste : playing on your senses

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The sessions proceed in June or November. It lasts 1 week, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, lunch included.

The working language is English. The number of participants is limited to 10.

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Taste and smell are more complicated than you might think. Working together, and alone, these senses can have big impacts on our life.

This training course is led by Miss Carole André, Perfumer. It allows to discover the resemblances and the differences between the olfactory universes of the perfume and some food or beverage products (wine, tea and chocolate). It’s also another way to improve the delicate and creative work of the perfumer, and discover bridges between the fragrance’s world, gastronomy and beverages.

Carole André has a degree in organic chemistry and also the option ISIPCA perfumery. Teacher in perfumes and cosmetics, she created her company in November 2004 for training and services. Since that, she divides her time between the various schools and universities where she teaches both the formulation and olfaction and creativity and sensory analysis, and professional customers who want to develop new ranges or in need of supervision regulatory.

Theorical foundation:

  • Introduction to perfumery and perfumery trades
  • The profession of perfumer through the ages
  • Linguistic Descriptors – Olfactory Families
  • Olfaction of “historical” ingredients
  • Focus on the; citrus family, fruity family, floral family, woody family, leather and ambery families, aromatic family, green family, sweet family, spicy family
  • Essential knowledge about wines
  • The french vineyards
  • Essential knowledge about grapes and vines, impact of the soil/location/country
  • Essential knowledge about tea : the plant, fermentation (green, oolong, black), crops, leaves, impact of the soil / location / country
  • How to marry tea with food, unexpected ways of enjoying tea
  • Essential knowledge about chocolate : crops, from fruit to cocoa powder, impact of the soil / location / country

Practical work:

  • Olfactory classification game
  • Olfaction of raw materials and fragrances
  • Tasting products: white wines (1 sparkling), red wines, flavored & unflavored teas, dish with tea, black chocolates from different countries, chocolate specialties with naturally flavored ganache


Please note the program may vary slightly depending on weather conditions and the expectations of the students

Extra activities: 
  • Visit to factory dedicated to the taste according to the season and the weather)…
  • Meeting with experts studied products

The global customer satisfaction rate in 2023 : 99%


Carole André

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June 17 to 21, 2024