A memorable Study Trip in Aubrac

By: Communication | 8 Mar 2024

This study trip took place from May 15th to 17th 2023, where we embarked on a captivating journey to discover the narcissus in Aubrac, Lozère….

Let’s go to Florence

By: Communication | 1 Jun 2022

Going on a discovery trip is part of the program for our GIP Class.  This year, the 2022 class, sponsored by SOZIO, had the opportunity…

First meeting with SOZIO

By: Communication | 19 May 2022

Two days ago, our class 2022 had the honor to be invited to SOZIO (sponsor 2022). The company was founded in 1758 in Grasse. After…

Violets season

By: Communication | 16 Mar 2022

Few days ago, our students had the opportunity to visit the “Bastide aux Violettes” museum at Tourrettes-sur-loup. In this town, the Violet production is the…

Mimosa field trip

By: Communication | 23 Feb 2022

We are now in the middle of the Mimosa season on the French Riviera, which last from late January to March! Mimosa is the first…

Final Project 2021 sponsored by TechnicoFlor

By: Communication | 1 Feb 2022

This year, our 2021 class was challenged on the following theme:   Responsible perfumery and more precisely on the notion of upcycling.    The idea…

Discovering lavender!

By: Communication | 22 Jul 2021

Few days ago, our gip students from the long term program Perfumer / Evaluator in 18 months had the opportunity to visit the famous lavender…